Editing a Case Assignment: Return to Draft or Change the Due Date

There are two ways to edit an assignment. For assignments that have future start dates, you can revert the assignment to a draft and edit any aspect of it. For an assignment that is already in progress, you can only extend the due date. Both methods of editing an assignment are detailed in the article below.

Returning an assignment to a draft

For any assignment published with a future start date, which will be listed as Upcoming in your assignments view on the Dashboard, you can revert the assignment to a draft. Open the assignment by clicking on it, then select Edit Assignment.
Edit assignment button
From there, a pop-up will appear confirming your action to return the published assignment to a draft.
Confirmation pop up
This means the assignment will no longer automatically start on the date you previously selected until you publish the assignment again after making your desired changes. Returning an assignment to a draft will allow you to modify the learners receiving the assignment, as well as the difficulty settings, included cases, due dates and more.

Changing an assignment due date

Once an assignment has begun, the only modification you can make is to the due date. To extend or move up the due date, open the assignment In Progress and click on Change Due Date.
Changing Due Date button
A pop-up will appear allowing you to modify the due date and time. You can also choose whether or not you want to notify your learners of this change.
Select new date pop-up
If you choose to notify your learners of any changes made to an assignment due date, they will receive an email notification.
Changed due date email sent to learners

You will also see the modified due date reflected in two places within the assignment. The Due Date in the upper right corner of the active assignment and on the Show Settings tab.

Locations reflecting new due date

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