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And we love our customers. Thank you for making Full Code Medical Simulation the #1 medical simulation app on the App Store!

Full Code has been a fantastic addition to our simulation programming, especially as we have pivoted to more remote learning. The case player and authoring tool are simple to use and able to deliver a wide range of case studies of varied complexities. Faculty and students across multiple programs at our university consistently note how beneficial and enjoyable the case studies are to their learning and professional development.

Jim Carlson, PhD, PA-C, CHSE – Vice President for Interprofessional Education and Simulation
Rosalind Franklin University

Excellent app for clinical thinking

As a medical student going into a career in emergency medicine, this app has been absolutely invaluable. The cases are lifelike, presented in a very intuitive way, and the feedback at the end is better than what I’ve had from some of my actual professors. A must have for any medical student hoping to do EM.

Ativanhumidifier – Apple App Store

Tracking the decisions that students make as they progress through Full Code cases has allowed me to identify areas of strengths and weakness in medical decision-making both on the individual student level and as a class. The level of autonomy provided along with the data gathered on medical decision-making makes Full Code a perfect supplement to direct patient clinical experience.

Joseph Sansone – Associate Director, Physician Assistant Program
Tufts University School of Medicine




At the 2018 IMSH Conference,
Serious Games & Virtual Environments Showcase

Wonderful app

Find it really useful and fun to learn Emergency, I’m in my last year of med school and these clinical scenarios are great way to apply my clinical reasoning skills, great range of cases some are very challenging and some are easily manageable, as in real life. Very happy with my subscription worth every penny. Well done guys.

RamTariq – Apple App Store

Great app- really helps solidify the material we’ve been studying. Really nice how it forces you to think through what needs to be done (e.g. do I need to intubate this patient? do I need further workup?) instead of giving you multiple-choice prompts.

Michael Pistey – Google Play Store

Nice review for the Emergency Provider

The scenarios touch upon many of the common and not so common presentations in the Emergency Department. It’s a nice review and doesn’t dive too deep where you get lost in the weeds. It’s a good reminder of some of the true emergencies that we don’t see everyday but need to have a firm grasp of. Reviews at the end of the case have quick summaries with articles attached if you want a more in depth review. All in all I would recommend

Mommylion1 – Apple App Store

Integrating Full Code into our curriculum was seamless. We were easily able to identify and assign cases that met our learning objectives and offered the students immediate invaluable feedback. The students loved that they could take that feedback and redo cases, and the faculty loved seeing the students progress in their clinical knowledge.

Adam Broughton – Assistant Director of Clinical Education
Boston University Physician Assistant Program
Founder/Writer @

I absolutely love this app. It is very educational and makes learning a difficult subject fun. I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in medical treatments even if you are not a student or professional because the skill settings allow you to learn by doing. Hint for the other non med school peeps – click on the nurse often and take notes, the simulator will teach you.

Wendi Taylor – Google Play Store

Full code for life

Great application for nurses and doctors. It can help you a lot especially when it comes to critical thinking. I hope there are unlimited cases to play. Keep it up.

Alvin RN – Apple App Store

Clinical training is about repetition and practice. Full Code helps me make sure that all my students are getting broad clinical exposure and reinforcing the concepts they learn with practice.

Dr. Jennifer Jackson – Medical Student Co-clerkship Director, EM
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Hey Doc! Just download it. You will enjoy. I love this app.

Nitish W – Google Play Store

Fun but very advanced

To succeed you must have a working knowledge of anatomy, pathology, test interpretation, and pharmacology. These are the kinds of cases we face in our medical teaching system in the western world, except someone stands over our shoulders so we don’t kill anyone.

mhunt26 – Apple App Store

Great experience as a medical student. Very complete and realistic. A little more cases would be pleased. A great step forward for online medical education in emergency medicine.

Pablo Rossi – Google Play Store

This is GOOD!

ER Nurse with 1 year experience. This app is the closest thing to actual scenario’s that I see on a daily basis. Medications are relevant, vital signs and presentations are realistic. Great app for anyone trying to refresh or to learn something new – especially if you haven’t been exposed to a diverse group of situations.

Kmbrum – Apple App Store

Fairly comprehensive breakdown of handling emergency cases, with detailed explanations of why given interventions and management are recommended individual to each case. Though international medics should be warned that the recommendations are very American – if I asked for a bedside ultrasound or a BNP in the emergency department (let alone trying to make a specialist tertiary referral) I’d be laughed out of the room. Overall good quality and worth the subscription!

Owain Blackwood – Google Play Store


This game is awesome and fun. I learn something new about diagnosis on every case. I especially liked the ARDs and VAPI case, because vape induced lung injury is something we’ll be seeing more of in EMS, ER, and ICU. It’s highly relevant. It’s the perfect game to pass the time, because while most games are unproductive, this game refines clinical thinking and skills.

Paramedic Cat – Apple App Store

Exceeds expectations, there’s nothing else like quite like it. Great job from the developers.

Ryan Lee – Google Play Store

Great app!!

Able to investigate cc and history, perform physical exams, run tests, and treat in the ER setting! Provides great feedback! Easy to navigate! A+++++

TXRngrs#1 – Apple App Store

Enjoying this app! The cases are interactive, thought provoking: making the app fun! One of the few apps worth paying for.

Douglas George – Google Play Store

Nursing Nerd

I love it! It allows you to assess and respond accordingly just like you would if you were working ED. I appreciate the thought that went into creating this app! Keep the cases coming!!!

NurseyNerd – Apple App Store

The Knowledge!!

Absolutely love this game can’t get off of it! I have learned so much playing this and I appreciate whoever brought this to life!! I wish there were more cases

Denniswatts – Apple App Store

Addictive and real world based

Addictive and real world based. Someone put a lot of thought into these cases and in the necessary treatments. Well done.

Scrubs620 – Apple App Store

I am a paramedic who is considering med school or physician assistant options. I am thoroughly enjoying this app and am learning quite a bit! Awesome simulator!

Noah Burstyn – Google Play Store

Great medical app

GREAT APP! Real medical situations and you get to be the one to investigate, diagnose, and treat patients. Also reviews with you after what you did right/wrong etc!

aprilfaithlove – Apple App Store

Fantastic, the best I’ve seen so far. Great to learn on several cases with a safety net. Very precise and easy to use. Love it!

Djamila Ouriachi – Google Play Store

Perfect prep for intern year

Love this app! It’s fun and was the perfect prep before intern year!

goldielox36 – Apple App Store

Good app. The ER cases, interventions, and management are pretty close to real life. I have not yet purchased the full app but likely will. You can never practice critical cases too much.

R.D. Booth – Google Play Store


As a student, this app lets you make a mistake and LEARN from it without killing your patient IRL. This app allows for step by step thinking and problem solving, from the moment the patient is triaged to the discharge and handoff. Each case and update gets better. I love how new cases come out weekly. This app never gets boring. I highly recommend it to anyone nervous to treat their patients in ED rounds, IT IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL. But very useful in the step by step actions, and great feedback on the things that were good to do, or harmful.

ceobler – Apple App Store

Excellent review tool for senior medical students looking to test their independence and management planning skills.

Joe Colucci – Google Play Store


Love this app. Very applicable scenarios with even better pearls.

Zayne94 – Apple App Store

addictingly fun and informative

Full code is a refreshing opportunity to develop ones clinical critical thinking; and for a paramedic it is a fun and informative exercise in forming a broader and more well rounded clinical perspective.

pedmedic – Apple App Store

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