How Scoring in the Full Code Simulator Works

The Full Code clinical team designates each action in a case with a specific scoring metric that determines a player’s final score. Read below to learn more about Full Code’s clinical team, publication process, and scoring.

The Clinical team

At Full Code, we have a team of board-certified, practicing physicians who have written all the cases published in our case library. The clinical team covers a wide array of specialities across the United States. Our authors use Full Code Creator to draft and publish all cases. Full Code Creator is available for institutions if you would like to create custom content for your learners.

Publication process

The Full Code clinical team aims to publish two cases a month on various specialties and topics. We use an editorial process adapted from journal publications with two peer reviews per case, editorial review by staff physicians and quality review by staff.


Full Code currently has nearly 200 cases published. We’d love to hear your input on the kind of content you would like to see next! Or, if you are an experienced medical educator and you’d like to join our clinical team, find out how to apply on our website.


Reach out to us with suggestions or questions at!

Scoring explained

Scoring on a Full Code case is determined by three components: correct/incorrect diagnosis, correct/incorrect disposition and the individual actions you take. These three components are weighted 35%, 20% and 45% respectively in calculating a final percentage. Each possible action in the case is scored as critical, recommended, neutral, unnecessary or harmful. Each of these scores have either a positive or negative point value attached to it, except for neutral actions, which do not affect scoring.

Scoring in the Simulator
Our clinical team takes into account that medical procedures can vary across institutions and practice settings, so cases are drafted with this variability in mind. “Multi-action” scores allow for flexible scoring when there are multiple correct actions. For example, a critical action may be addressing the patient’s pain with morphine, fentanyl or ketamine. Administering any of these medications will lead to a positive gain for the overall score. In addition, actions that may or may not be used or are considered controversial may be scored as neutral.
Intervention action scoring in the Simulator

Currently, Full Code scoring does not take into account the order in which actions are taken. Similarly, asking for hints from the attending during any point in the case will not affect your learners’ scores. Hint actions are tracked for each play under learner case logs on the Dashboard, so you can see at which point your learner needed a little extra help.


You can also see a breakdown of scoring on each case before assigning it to your learners by reviewing the case transcript. In the case library, simply click on any case to view the transcript and scroll down to the Scoring section. This section contains all critical, recommended, unnecessary and harmful scores specific to a case.


If your organization subscribes to Full Code Creator, our case authoring tool, you can modify scoring to align with your specific teaching objectives and local practice pattern.

Scoring for residency educators

Full Code is used across various medical institutions, including residency training programs. The scoring in place was purposefully designed to provide Clinical Competency Committees with raw data on learner performance to help inform milestone achievements in patient care, specifically: ACGME Emergency Medicine Milestone categories; Emergency Stabilization, History & Physical exam, Diagnostic Studies, Diagnosis, Pharmacotherapy, Reassessment & Disposition, Treatment & Clinical Reasoning.

Scoring and CME

Your organizational subscription may include CME access. Full Code offers AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ on every case played, up to 90 credits. You must receive an 85% or higher on each case to obtain CME credit. You can read more about CME credits or our subscription options our website.

Questions? Reach out to us!

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